Employee Generated Content can be the most trusted and valuable
asset you have to build employer brand equity—IF you can collect
it in an ongoing way that is cost-effective, engaging, and scalable.



Use Brand Amper technology to engage employees, capture their
stories at scale, and elevate that content for branding.
Meet Brand Amper, an enterprise brand communication platform
that captures employee stories for use in recruiting and marketing.

By helping people see how a strong employer brand helps them
personally, Brand Amper engages employees in telling their stories
in a way that…

1 blue
Connects employees with
the company brand—
genuinely and responsibly
2 blue
Improves both employees’
professional images and the
company’s employer brand
3 blue
Collects incredible, true
Employee Generated Content
to power recruitment marketing.

better approach

Everything about Brand Amper leverages the idea of bold transparency,
from how the platform is rolled out to the way it interacts with users
to how results are used. The result is a more engaged workforce, incredible
Employee Generated Content, and a more powerful and authentic brand.


1 green on blue

A boldly transparent approach

2 green on blue

Clear value for the employee

3 green on blue

Clear value for the company

4 green on blue

Employee-centric from start to finish

5 green on blue

Uses marketing best practices


See what happened when a 1,600 division trusted
their employees with Brand Amper in our 1-sheet case study.



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